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How to be a Differentiator in your Market

Small businesses have many hills to climb but one of the most difficult is determining what makes their businesses stand out from the competition.

In a market, such as broking that depends on getting the right people, it is your firm’s brand and company culture that secure the right talent.

Salaries can be met and matched and even surpassed but in an industry where people have choices, it is you, your service and your brand that compel people to sign on the dotted line.

When you have your “differentiator” worked out, make it plausible.


Here are 5 keys things to help you differentiate your business:

  1. Be the expert in your field – learn, read, study, attend whatever you can that makes your message more credible.
  2. Focus on superior service – start with the basic levels and aim to exceed by either shortening timelines, offering something that is just too good to pass up etc.
  3. Ensure that it is easy to work with you. Be attentive and available!
  4. Know your values and work your business plan around them
  5. Solve client problems – offer solutions that are easy


Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you clearly outline what makes your firm different from the rest?
  • Do you answer confidently when telling your client why you are the best person to meet their needs?
  • Does your response help your audience feel like you understand what they want?


Having a handle on what your clients like, don’t or don’t care about is also invaluable. Ask your long term clients why they choose to work with you and thank them for their custom. Never assume the service you’re offering your client is perfect. Apply their feedback to improve your future prospects.

Can you clearly outline your part as a service provider and can you take pride in the net results at each stage?

Do you know your clients and can you better personalise what you do to suit their needs?

Is your mission statement compelling enough?

Being able to predict changes in the market place and anticipating your client’s needs, will make your services invaluable.

There are many blogs, articles, theses and documentaries on company culture and how to build a more positive place in which to work. No one gets this right all of the time I guess, but most come back to transparency, empowerment and your organisational brand.

Differentiate your service and your brand and the top talent will want to be part of your story.