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Lynda Barnes
360 Search

WHO WE ARE   360 Search was established by Lynda Barnes in 2010. Our mission is to help companies engage with and hire the most qualified professionals to meet their company’s needs. Our remit is to help employers find experienced and qualified personnel in permanent, temporary and contract positions across a broad range of business disciplines and introduce candidates to new careers that offer opportunity and reward. The firm has five consultants

CURRENT TRADING      A much more bullish confidence is emerging on both sides of the market, from the firms now looking to hire through to the employee now reassessing their current position and career choices. Our role at 360 Search is to highlight market opportunities, as potentially hiring firms are frequently choosing not to openly advertise. There is also a noticeable increase in newly registered assignments, with newly established firms and consultancies. We have seen positive growth signs across insurance and financial sectors, and overall the market is starting to move.

CANDIDATES      Organisations are now becoming more confident to engage with strategic new hires to focus on driving forward their growth plans. Candidates are also beginning to be more confident of the market and senior executives are keen to explore what their options are. They will move for that career enhancing job if they feel they have reached their peak internally. 360 Search’s services provide a level of confidentiality and brief each and every interested party on the firm, cultural fit, role, team members etc.