A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Aoife Davis
Senior Consultant - Accountancy and Finance

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I joined the business in January 2021, right at the height of a global pandemic. I think like a lot of people, the first few months of lockdown gave me a chance to re-evaluate my life and my career - what was working for me and what wasn’t. I loved recruitment but I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I knew I needed a change.

I had been lucky enough to meet with Sarah and Lynda over the years and was always incredibly impressed by them. It had been a dream of mine to work for like-minded, supportive and ambitious women, so I reached out to see if there was an opportunity for me to come on board and look at building the accountancy desk within 360 Search.

I have made a few moves throughout my career and gone through various onboarding processes but onboarding remotely and working from home was a truly unique experience and one not easy to get right.

I think what 360 Search nailed was realizing that it’s not a one size fits all approach. I was joining as an experienced consultant and was given the autonomy to build my desk the way I saw fit. I’m self-sufficient and I don’t enjoy being micro-managed. My managers recognized this and gave me the space and support to do this.

This hands-off approach wouldn’t necessarily work for a junior recruiter, or any trainee or entry level role. I think what the pandemic has highlighted is that while there is a definite desire to have a hybrid working model it is also vital to have junior employees in the office. It’s where you learn how the business works, interact with more experienced team members, collaborate, receive on-the-job training and network. It’s where you put what you learned in your education into practice, while laying the foundations for future success.

The biggest benefit to working from the office is the opportunity to further develop on your soft skills.

These are skills that are generally not taught through formal education or training programs. These are skills that are picked up by being around a functioning team, seeing how they operate with each other, how they interact with clients and the language that they use. It’s where you learn how to be a team member and to work collaboratively with people. To share creative thoughts and to innovate. It’s in these environments that you might learn

how to manage conflict within a team, learn the tools to work with different personality types and to respect others point of view.

Striking the right balance here is key. Affording employees the opportunity to work from home and spend time together in the office will make the difference. In 360 Search we work from home three days, and we’ve all made the commitment to spend two days together in the office each week. This has really worked for us and we’ve had our most successful year to date.

Since the launch of the accountancy desk in January 2021 we are actively recruiting across all levels within financial services, industry and practice. We have successfully collaborated with our clients to grow their teams in what has been a candidate led market. Any nervousness that was there coming out of 2020 has disappeared.

Much like myself, candidates are re-evaluating what works for them and exploring the market in huge numbers.

Understanding what’s important to both our clients and candidates has allowed us to successfully work with our clients on a number of projects including building the audit and assurance team of an up-and-coming practice, filling strategic roles in a newly created group finance function, working with new clients to the Irish market, whilst also recruiting at trainee, mid and middle management levels.

2021 has been an exciting & interesting year in the recruitment industry in Ireland. Having the opportunity to speak to candidates and clients on a daily basis about their experience during the pandemic has been invaluable. Witnessing the shift in drivers for candidates seeking out new roles has been incredible. As salary moves further down the list, employers are eager to showcase what they have to offer beyond the base. I look forward to continuing to showcase my existing clients to the market and working with new clients on their hiring goals for 2022.

Download a PDF version of this blog post here.