Learn more about Eoin Murray and what prompted him to change from Broker to Recruiter

Learn more about Eoin Murray and what prompted him to change from Broker to Recruiter

Eoin Murray - CIP

Associate Recruitment Consultant

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I joined 360 Search in September 2021 after nearly 4.5 years in the Insurance industry. I had spent quite a lot of time working for big brokers and, more recently, working in a smaller brokerage. During the pandemic, I, like others, took the time to re-evaluate my current

situation. I looked at my career to date, the trajectory, and decided that I was ready for a move.

I was connected with Lynda and Sarah through an old colleague who had been placed into a new role by Lynda and spoke highly of 360 Search. It felt like a natural fit to remain close to the Insurance industry, given my background. When speaking to candidates, my experience

helps create a common ground, as I have been where they are now. I can offer practical advice

and guidance. I am grateful to join the industry at such an exciting time!

We are currently in a “people-led” market, meaning jobs are plentiful, and companies are willing to offer flexibility regarding salaries, packages, and working from home. This has been a real eye-opener for me, as I was a jobseeker in recent months.

During my time working with 360 Search, I have noticed one common thread among all conversations. The need for flexibility and hybrid working. I personally strive in an office environment, I enjoy the buzz and learning from my peers. Mid-pandemic I made the choice to return to the office when working with my previous employer. During my onboarding, I have been office-based and have found it extremely useful for learning and training

as I can listen to my colleagues throughout the workday, in meetings, negotiations and even moments of celebration. 

I am seeing more and more people stress the importance of work/life balance. The traditional “live to work” mentality is being challenged, at every level.

This is a crucial turning point in the Irish Market for companies to retain their workforce. By comparison, and during a brief relocation to Sydney, I noticed that most Irish workers “live to

work”, whereas the Australians “work to live”. I have always prioritized my job over personal engagements; however, since experiencing multiple lockdowns, I have learned that it is okay

to put work/life balance as a priority, a perspective that I know many have reached also. 

As a working nation, Ireland is headed in the direction of permanent change and is adapting to a new world of flexibility and hybrid working. I believe this change in society will have a huge impact on peoples lives, and essentially be a positive change.

Working in the recruitment industry, a persons’ network and working relationships are crucial.

Covid has changed how we interact with our clients, candidates and peers. What once was a coffee in the kitchen or meeting a client for lunch, suddenly halted and we had to stop leaving our houses.

I believe that your colleagues make a huge difference to your job, and those positive working relationships can change your experience daily. You can help each other out when needed,

and even more so than ever, it is essential to build that support network at home and at work.

From our experience, we have seen that onboarding during covid or moving to a fully remote working environment has been a struggle for some as their typical support network is not so easily accessible.

Personally, I am both thrilled and relieved to see some normality resume in workplaces across Ireland and reignite those connections through co-workers, the current market has a real sense of growth to it. I look forward to what the coming months will bring, helping our clients find talent and helping job seekers find their next career move. The recruitment industry is undoubtedly rewarding and challenging, and I am excited to see how the next year unfolds.