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Who are you trying to impress?

I spent a number of years managing and developing a large team with a mix of personalities, skillsets and more interestingly, different levels of determination.

The moment that a team member was beginning to work with me to advance their career rather than against me was the moment I knew they were starting to get “it”.

Many people spend their lives looking at their Manager as the opposition and unfortunately for some, they don’t come to the realisation that their Manager has their best interests at heart. If they don’t, that is a reflection on their management capabilities.

As soon as you begin to see your Manager as the enemy; you begin to dip in performance, absences appear and excuses begin to come pouring in which in turn, results in your CV landing in my inbox.

I’m fortunate to have gained experience on both sides; from being manager to becoming a recruiter and it is clear to me, when I see management frustration coupled with colleague frustration and an atmosphere between parties. This is breaking point.

What do you need to do now? The ideal scenario is to resolve whatever the internal matter may be before starting to explore options elsewhere.

  1. Physically write down the pros and cons of your job and company to see if the cons can be resolved
  2. Communication- let your Manager know what you need from them in order to maximise your career potential
  3. Find out what is right and more importantly, what is realistic for you? Is it the right time for you to change job? Long term, is it the right thing for you?

You now need to ensure you continue to focus on the job to avoid becoming distracted and losing direction. It becomes clear to your team if you adapt an “I’m leaving so I don’t care” attitude, therefore the bridge burning commences!

Ask yourself, is it the aim to impress an interviewer who could potentially be your new employer? If so, your existing employer needs to be a reference. Don’t let yourself down by taking the foot off the gas just because you’re moving. Reputation is key.

So now the question remains…. Who are you trying to impress?

By Ellen Byrne

360 Search
Insurance and Compliance Executive Search Consultant