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How AI and a personal touch can rebuild trust in financial services
AI is not here to take your job. It’s here to make the industry more customer-centric, and humans still have a vital part to play. Let’s find out more.
Hyperautomation in Accounting
The AI revolution that was always coming is finally here. But what does it mean to the industry and those working in it? Click here to view the article
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How the Shrinking Pool of Mortgage Lenders in Ireland Affects Consumers
Two of Ireland’s biggest banks and mortgage lenders are withdrawing from the country. It leaves an already small pool of lenders for consumers to choose from even smaller.
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How has the Coronavirus impacted trainee Accountants?
While we have been rightly focusing on staying healthy over the past year, as we start to slowly emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic, we must look at what we’ll be returning to.
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The Rise of CFA Qualification in Ireland
Why has the CFA qualification taken off in the way it has?
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10 Years In Business
And just like that, 10 years in business!
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360 Search Covid Protocol
At 360 Search, the health and well-being of our clients and candidates is paramount. In this new landscape with COVID-19, it is our aim to be in front of this situation, where we can, putting people first and committing to new procedures that empower and support everyone.