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Managing your employee’s annual leave requirements
2021 is nearly over, but if your employees haven’t used up their annual leave allocation, you may have some decisions to make. Let’s find out more. Being able to take annual leave is essential for keeping your employees healthy, happy and productive. However, with Coronavirus restrictions still in place in Ireland and across the world, limiting opportunities to travel, it may be the case that many of your employees haven’t taken their full allocation of annual leave.
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Learn more about Eoin Murray and what prompted him to change from Broker to Recruiter
I joined 360 Search in September 2021 after nearly 4.5 years in the Insurance industry. I had spent quite a lot of time working for big brokers and, more recently, working in a smaller brokerage. During the pandemic, I, like others, took the time to re-evaluate my current
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A Year in Review
I joined the business in January 2021, right at the height of a global pandemic. I think like a lot of people, the first few months of lockdown gave me a chance to re-evaluate my life and my career - what was working for me and what wasn’t. I loved recruitment but I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I knew I needed a change.
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Top 10 Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors
Are you a Financial Advisor looking to secure more Client Meetings? See our Top 10 tips to attract new clients and get more from existing clients.
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Make A Wish Foundation - 360 Search 10K Fancy-Dress Night Run
Each year, the 360 Search Team works with a charity to raise awareness, funding and support.
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Do PCF Financial Services role in Ireland have a gender problem?
There are not enough women working in PCF roles in Ireland – and things are not improving fast enough. It means companies are leaving money on the table. Let’s find out more.
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How AI and a personal touch can rebuild trust in financial services
AI is not here to take your job. It’s here to make the industry more customer-centric, and humans still have a vital part to play. Let’s find out more.
Hyperautomation in Accounting
The AI revolution that was always coming is finally here. But what does it mean to the industry and those working in it? Click here to view the article
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How the Shrinking Pool of Mortgage Lenders in Ireland Affects Consumers
Two of Ireland’s biggest banks and mortgage lenders are withdrawing from the country. It leaves an already small pool of lenders for consumers to choose from even smaller.