Should you accept a counter offer?

Congratulations on receiving a job offer. The company you are currently working for is fighting for you and offering you more money now that you have resigned. Would you rather go or stay?

When considering a job offer, should you accept a counter offer from your current employer? Here are some things to consider before making your decision.


The company you are with wants to BUY you back.

There are several factors to consider before accepting the counter offer, including increased pay and advancement.


Does the counter offer serve your best interests?

It is in an employer's interest to retain their best talent, but that doesn't change the fact that something led you to seek out and interview for a new role. Generally, it is a "money offer" to entice talent to stay. Ask yourself, is money the only reason you wanted to leave?


Has the trust been broken?

Consider whether your employer's opinion of you will change by your serious consideration of leaving.


79% of professionals who accepted counter offers returned to the jobs market within a year of accepting them.


Is it likely that you would receive a raise or promotion if you did not resign?


If the answer is no, then consider the motive behind your counter offer.


What made you want to leave in the first place?


Take a moment to consider:
  • Progression
  • Recognition
  • Management style
  • Professional Development & Learning
  • Flexibility and Social Aspects


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