Top job-hunting tips for while you are still employed

Looking for a new role to advance your career can become a full-time job, taking time, energy and your social life. Working with 360 means you have someone working for you to find your perfect position behind the scenes, whilst you continue with your existing job.

The only extra time you’ll need to put in is to prepare yourself for the move.

Here are some tips to think about if you are looking at new market opportunities:

  1. Explore opportunities at your own company. Ask yourself if there’s another area, or even another role that you’d prefer to do within your current company. This ensures you will have at least considered all internal options and avenues before you come to us.
  2. Tell us where you would like to work. 360 has access to many firms in the financial services market in Dublin and London. We will connect you with the right people in the right places.
  3. Listen to what you hear about various businesses and start to process and understand who sounds like your employer of choice. This may be because of vertical career opportunities, benefits packages, the culture, location, flexible working hours or just because they are high-performing competitors.
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile. Once your CV has been received, talent acquisition, HR and hiring managers will all assess your online profile at the earliest opportunity. Ensure your profile is complete, details are current and up to date and match with your CV.
  5. Network into these firms. Once your CV has been sent to a company by us, think of contacts or industry peers that work there and request their views, or check reviews on Glassdoor.
  6. Keep the search smart and selective. 360 will only connect you to firms with a) your permission and b) that are relevant to your skillset. We will give you an action plan of companies we’ve contacted but we need your feedback to ensure we have covered all those you’re interested in. Employers don’t appreciate seeing a CV over and over, so tell us if you’ve already sent it in. It also weakens our hands when we come to negotiate for you.
  7. Keep your searches off all company devices. This goes without saying, using laptops or iPhones to conduct your search, can be deemed disrespectful and goes against your contract of employment, which could lead to complications before you secure a new role.
  8. Ask for an exit interview. This is a mature way of parting ways and will give both parties a platform to discuss the reasons for your move, and resolve frustrations, if you have any, and allow both parties the opportunity to make recommendations for future improvement.

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