FNZ CEO Interview

FNZ CEO - Joanie Hughes

In this episode, Joanie shares the story of her younger years coming from a large ambitious farming family and her journey to becoming CEO of FNZ. Joanie discusses the challenges of moving from colleague to CEO and what it takes to continuously strive for more.

In early 2022, Joanie received some life-changing news regarding her health. She had cancer. Joanie discusses the impact this new reality had on her mental health, family, and career. Joanie inspires us about the impact of a positive and strong mindset in the face of adversity, not even cancer was going to stop Joanie from reaching her goals.

It was only 6 months ago that Joanie received her cancer-free diagnosis. Having gone through such a life-changing experience, Joanie will share with us, some valuable and learned perspectives on life and career.

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