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At 360 Search, we excel in connecting companies in the insurance sector with top talent.

Specialising in the insurance sector, we ensure that our clients find the perfect fit, driving growth and success for your business. Trust 360 Search to elevate your recruitment process with our expertise and commitment to quality service.

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    360 Search is an industry-leading financial services recruitment consultancy, with a dedicated team of skilled consultants operating a tailored approach to the recruitment process. We are specialists in insurance recruitment, as well as finance, asset management, compliance and the life and pension sectors.

    For the right candidates, we’re your go-to resource for navigating career choices and ensuring a perfect fit.

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    Every organisation needs to have a notable return on investment when recruiting. We know the time it takes to recruit, interview, mentor and appraise new employees and how it impacts day-to-day activity, and we understand the importance of getting it right.


    – Sarah McGrath & Lynda Barnes
    Directors, 360 Search

    Recruitment Services

    We make assurances to both our candidates and clients that they will always be positively and appropriately represented. From the moment they first engage with us, to the initial introductions with each other and right the way through to placement and probationary period, we are present and involved at every stage of the process.

    Permanent Recruitment

    Our knowledge of the permanent recruitment market is unparalleled. We assess and shortlist candidates according to the bespoke brief provided. Every candidate we present is fully screened and interviewed.

    Executive Search

    Executive search is the mapping and identification of senior and high profile positions or very specific skillsets. Our services in this area are retained by clients and their projects are managed exclusively.

    Advertised Selection

    We have years of experience in job advertising and know how, when and where to promote different positions. It can often be the easiest and most appropriate way for an organisation to source relevant qualified candidates.

    Contract and Interim Solutions

    We provide exceptional, efficient and flexible interim management and contract recruitment services to existing and new clients. These range from immediate hires to long-term temporary solutions.

    Onsite Services

    If you don't have the resource capability in-house or simply require more resourcing support, we frequently allocate a trusted member of our team that's appropriate for your market and culture to be based on site.

    M&A Introductory Services

    If you are interested in merging with like-minded firms or want to engage services to look at a potential sale of your business, we can offer you a confidential, discreet, NDA-protected way to explore these avenues.

    Why Partner With Us?

    We go the extra mile to make sure you hire the right candidate for your company.

    Our team are all experienced recruiters specialising in insurance, finance, asset management, compliance and the life and pension sectors. We connect the right people, in the right companies for the right opportunities.

    Meet Our Directors

    Your Culture

    Getting into the detail of what you do and how you go about doing it is a vital part of our process.

    We take the time to really understand you, your company culture and your long term aspirations. Knowing how your business operates now and your plans for the future gives us everything we need to fulfill your requirements and provides you with the assurance and security that you’ve chosen a selection partner who no will not only provide you with the highest quality market experts but also those who will quickly integrate into your team.

    Return on Investment

    By investing time with 360 Search, we save our clients a considerable amount of time. Our approach is to make our clients’ lives easier by reducing the stress and the time taken to hire. The objective of the 360 Search team is to support clients and manage their resourcing requirements through the recruitment process by streamlining the project and making it more efficient.

    We reduce the workload involved in sourcing the right person, taking as much work as possible away from you in relation to the hiring process, with the net result of saving your valuable time. Our screening process is rigorous and accurate. We rapidly establish what candidates want and match them according to your specification, so you know exactly why each candidate is sitting in front of you.

    We pride ourselves on exceptional levels of service, with a swift, efficient and discreet way of working that sets us apart in from others in the same space. When you get to know us and how we work, you’ll understand why we’re the ones to watch.


    Members of our team either have previous experience in the industry or have extensive experience as a recruiter. As a recruitment consultancy, we have been trusted for over eight years by global multinationals, PLCs and growing SMEs to find the best talent in both the Irish and international markets.

    We invest a huge amount of time in getting to know your business intimately. This involves meeting with you, understanding your culture and the exact fit of the candidate you are looking for. We appreciate how important it is to find the best talent in the market on your behalf. Equally, we understand how costly it can be for your business if you do not find the right person. We do everything we can to mitigate this risk.

    Thought Leadership

    Since our establishment we have invested in a number of new thought leadership initiatives. We appreciate the need to differentiate ourselves from others operating in the same space, as a specialist recruitment consultancy with our candidates and clients alike.

    We are committed to raising the profile of 360 Search and our team within it. The purpose of this is to ensure we continue to be in able to attract and engage with the top candidates in the market, the ones we want to secure for our clients.


    The company is divided up into teams of specialist recruiters. Over 70% of our recruiters have worked in the verticals they recruit for. This means that some of the best recruitment professionals in the market are working for you.

    Our management team is made up of senior executives with extensive experience in their given industry sectors. Both of these factors result in us being uniquely positioned to understand your business’s requirements and the accompanying challenges of securing the right talent.


    We feel we can only truly serve our clients and candidates by adhering to a policy of total honesty. If we know we can help you by adding value we will, if we can’t we will advise you as such.

    We have built incredible relationships with our clients over the years. They feel safe that they have partnered with a company who represents their brand and values to the highest possible standard.

    When you become a client, you will find a partnership with us where we put you first and foremost. Our promise to you is the delivery of excellent candidates with exceptional levels of service and expertise, always.


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