CEO Corner: Episode 13

Enda McNulty, Ex-Footballer, Author and CEO

In this episode, we interview Enda McNulty, global Performance Coach, ex Footballer, and Author of Commit2Lead. We bring you a leadership masterclass covering the topics in Enda’s book, such as Self-awareness, Resilience, Well-being, Optimism, Ego, and Empathy, and how each trait plays a role in the day-to-day leadership of your company, teams, and most importantly, yourself. We get an insight into the formula for the greatest CEO type.

Enda shares his experience of living with regret during his football years, career, and personal life and how facing this spurred him to strive for more. Enda shares tools and tactics from his years of coaching CEOs to be the best high-performing version of themselves.

We hope you take as much away from Enda’s interview as we did.

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CEO Corner, With Sarah McGrath

Each month, we deconstruct world-class industry leaders, asking them about their leadership style, the psychological drivers behind their success and how they became who they are today. This platform is for those who want to gain tips and insights from the best of the best and for those who enjoy hearing other success stories.

Sarah McGrath is a Partner and Co-Owner at 360 Search Recruitment Service in Ireland and the UK and a Co-Owner of Vy Nutrition.

Sarah helps ensure senior professionals get access to their employer of choice and obtain their desired objectives while building their careers. She works with some of the most prolific entrepreneurs within Financial Services.

Sarah holds a Degree in Business, a Four-Year Diploma in Nutrition and a Degree in Psychology. She is passionate about organisational psychology and corporate well-being, advising and speaking at many industry associations.

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