James Caan CBE & Dragon on making 7 figures and overcoming personal barriers.

“The barrier of success is you; it’s the lack of belief and lack of conviction” James Caan CBE, Dragon and Entrepreneur.


In episode two, we travelled to London to interview James Caan. In this episode, we discuss limiting beliefs, embracing failure, and how to overcome the complications of earning seven figures. James, a multi-millionaire several times over, advises us on how to break down barriers to success and tap into the capability within us.


James, a former Dragon and serial entrepreneur, sold his first business in 2013 for £260 million and has dominated the recruitment industry for over 30 years. His second recruitment venture, Humana International, grew to 140 offices across 30 countries. With 3 million followers, James was named LinkedIn’s second most influential voice of 2017. James shares with us some of the recipes for success he has learned over the years.


We hope you take as much away from James’ experience and clarity as we did.


Listen to the full episode on your favourite platform here: https://lnkd.in/evikPgaG


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